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Sagarika kar

Product Leader / Technologist

Who Am I?

A technologist at heart, I have always challenged the status quo both in the thoughts I bring about or my working methodology. I have been an unofficial product manager long before the role attained the sexy status it has today and through out my journey across the landscape of products I have designed, improved or conceived, I tried to attain simplicity - of design, use and flow. I firmly  believe that true simplicity is incredibly difficult to achieve but equally beautiful once achieved. To know more about me,    

My Work Methodology

As a Product Manager, I wear a lot of hats and do a lot of odd jobs but strengths that sets me apart as a PM are 

Data-centric : Intuition is great and handy but it has to be backed by the right numbers. I revel in the pictures that data draw for me and this is my single source of truth.

Customer-obsessed : My metric to measure ultimate product satisfaction would be when the product attains a verb status (Eg. GOOGLE something as opposed to search something, book a UBER instead of book a cab)

Technical: I am a geek after all and this helps me connect in a more meaningful way with the execution team. I can write scripts in python, mine data from hadoop or review conventional java code for best practices if I have to.


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I have been in the technology space for over 14 years and a Product Manager for almost 8 years. I have owned 6 products in my career and launched many features for them both on web and mobile. I have earned recognition at my workplace for my working style, efficiency and delivery.


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