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Blockworkx - Capco

This is an internal Capco product to efficiently design business processes (Customer Onboarding, Card Issue etc.) within Financial Institutions and cut down a lot of operation overhead by efficient communications management between the different processes and components. For Blockworkx, my areas of focus

  • Target operating model design - Current State Analysis, Target State Analysis and Gap Analysis

  • Market Research/ Competition Analysis - Primary research ( surveys and focussed groups), secondary research, analysis of research results

  • Product Strategy and roadmap creation

  • Product design - Experience design (UI mockups), Story Boarding, User personas, User Stories

  • Project Management Activities

Shipping Platform - eBay

This is the eBay India Shipping platform responsible for delivering products bought over eBay from sellers to buyers. For this, my areas of focus

  • Product Strategy and roadmap creation for Next Gen Shipping Platform

  • Discussions with third party logistic parties like Fedex, Bluedart for integrating with eBay platform

  • Roadmap and features required to externalize eBay Shipping as a product so that large sellers can onboard this

  • Product design - Story Boarding, User personas, User Stories, Product Backlog management

  • Multivariate testing - to gauge success of promotions/new feature or enhancement launches

  • Data analysis - To monitor system health, understand problem areas in shipping, design new features

  • Project Management Activities

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Wallets - eBay

This is the eBay Wallets pilot project to group Coupons, Loyalty tie-ups and eBay gift cards under a single umbrella. As a part of this we also designed Business friendly rules platform  to allow flexible rules for allocation of Loyalty points and coupons.For this, my areas of focus

  • Launched pilot phase with coupons and Loyalty points (payback points) integration

  • Market research on the wallet landscape and governance around wallets

  • Strategy, Roadmap and feature analysis of eBay Wallet and Rules platform

  • Developing Proof of Concepts and UI mocks for the Wallets and Rules experience

  • Monitor and measure acceptance and penetration of the eBay Wallet

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Content Management System - Cisco

This is the a Content Management System we designed for BSkyB (one of the largest content provider in UK) and productised it for other clients as well. This platform was used to organise, schedule and ingest content (movies, series, collections etc.) to a tune of a million content over a month.For this, my areas of focus

  • Requirements capture and analysis with the client

  • Creating prototypes and demoing them to the client for quick feedback

  • Development Lead Activities- Design, Develop, Deliver, Co-ordinate and mentor team members

  • Manage Client expectations and handle issues

  • Create product strategy and roadmap to align product to industry standards for other clients apart from BSkyB

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