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Chat Experience - Kijiji (Under Construction)

Virtual Interlining - Tripstack

This was a patented product offering to combine travel options (flight, ferry, bus, rail) to create unique low cost itineraries for travellers. My areas of focus

  • Product Strategy and roadmap creation - Balance long-term, mid-term and short term initiatives to win

  • Market Research/ Competition Analysis - Sizing the opportunity

  • Growing our content acquisition strategy - establishing partnerships with airlines, data mining exercises with consolidators and build content scrapes

  • Grow and mentor product team and establish product processes

What success looked like : Responsible for growing bookings for 5- 10/day to 2000 +/day in 2 years during pandemic

Machine Sketch

Blockworkx - Capco

This is an internal Capco product to efficiently design business processes (Customer Onboarding, Card Issue etc.) within Financial Institutions. My areas of focus

  • Target operating model design - Current State Analysis, Target State Analysis and Gap Analysis

  • Market Research/ Competition Analysis - Primary research ( surveys and focussed groups), secondary research, analysis of research results

  • Product evolution strategy - Mapping out next steps for product

  • Product design - Experience design (UI mockups), Story Boarding, User personas, User Stories

  • Project Management Activities

What success looked like : Blockworkx was functional in 3 banks in a period of 1 year

Shipping Platform - eBay

This is the eBay India Shipping platform responsible for delivering products bought over eBay from sellers to buyers. For this, my areas of focus

  • Product Strategy and roadmap creation for Next Gen Shipping Platform

  • Negotiations with third party logistic parties like Fedex, Bluedart for integrating with eBay platform

  • Product design - Story Boarding, User personas, User Stories, Product Backlog management

  • Multivariate testing - to gauge success of promotions/new feature or enhancement launches

  • Data analysis - To monitor system health, understand problem areas in shipping, design new features

What success looked like : Increased coverage of areas being shipped to by 25% in a period of 1 year

Ship Stationary
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